A crazy thought: 64k intro

I was planning to do a demo this year; all by myself (except music). However, after playing with Blender a bit it became clear that I am really not a 3D artist (not Blender's fault, of course) - what a surprise :)

Now a crazy thought: do a 64 kilobyte intro instead?

Yeah, I know, one pretty unsuccessful try already was there 3+ years ago... But still: I need a musician that could use Farbrausch's V2 synth, some clever ideas/design/code and there it is. There's a hope that I have actually learned something in these 3 years, you know :)

By the way, this bzhykt intro produces really abstract visuals on my computer right now. Something was messed up in there...

somehow i can't get that synth to work corectly - looks like synth doesn't react in any slider in it's GUI.
make a 64k!

as for farbrausch v2 synth, i was just playing with it last night in buzz and was working ok for me...
there was a demo legomania or smth. it would be nice to fit something like that into 64kb :)
you describe collection of lego parts and then you're using just index in collection and position to describe complex object, so it should be pretty compact event for complex worlds, plus animation would be quite simple, you don't need a motion capture for lego man :) Cartoon style explosions and particles, Deeph of Field, may be sketch rendering style, etc.
you could generate positions of lego parts from sphere fields. spheres could be animated in maya(or other) and exported in simpe manner like: x,y,z,radius per sphere per animaton key. this way you could do everything from legos even explosions.
The problem with any kind of "serious" animation in intros is that animation storage is pretty expensive. You still have to store positions/stuff for each animation key.

This is not the case of meshes/textures, where the end result is just a sequence of pretty simple operations.

Anyway, I am not doing a lego style intro :)
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