InteraMotion closes offices

The company I was working at for some three years, closed it's offices in Kaunas recently. Well, it was almost a year when both intera and motion parts of the name didn't already make any sense... At start we were doing computer vision, various game/graphics/entertainment stuff, but in the last year all development was about some computer networks management system. A couple of programmers will stay for some time to support existing systems, but afaik any new development is suspended.

I feel kinda sad, even if I blame the management for the failures mostly (we programmers never blame ourselves, you know :)). Yes, I/we could have worked harder, done better etc., but all the way I (and probably 'we') felt that the ambitions were too unrealistic*, the business plans were too non-existant, the management was just a bit too poor, and some forward-thinking was 'just a bit missing'.

I guess that's just my attempt to transfer blame to someone else :)

That said, it's still sad. Oh well, just keep going on.

* Ambitions: "by that time Sony, Nintendo and Konami will be years behind us" doesn't sound very realistic, does it? :)

Yeah, it feels sad for me too (although it have been a while).

IMHO ambitions were the least problem. In any case I would blame ourselves (especially myself) for not pushing management hard enough :)

People, push your management ;)
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