Software of the week

It's never too early for Software Of The Week awards, even if it's only Tuesday. Ladies and gentlement, Aras' picks are:
  • Software That Rocks award goes to TortoiseSVN and PmWiki. Both are slick, sexy and do not try to annoy you. They actually work (that's already something!), they do not crash whenever I do just-a-bit-non-usual action, they do not corrupt my files behind my back.
  • Software That Sucks award this week goes to Oracle Reports and Designer 10g. Sorry dear Oracle, but the best description I have for those is "Ugh". For a longer description, just invert everything that's written in the first point.
See you later!

yeah, but you're comparing different products, first ones are used/not directly tested by many many users, second ones are much more complicated and used by very limited users. The same thing is with microsoft products - they terribly buggy, but they receive so much feedback on beta versions, and even later, that they are much more stable than competitor's products. I've remember when i found couple bugs in VS2005 and went to feedback page to make my self a hero, i found large see of feedback.
Totally agree with you - TortoiseSVN is a perfect program. It just works as I want.
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