Some new books

Received GPU Gems 2 and A Theory of Fun from amazon today. The first one I bought because hey, I need it; and the second one because it's (relatively) cheap and seemed like a good read. Indeed it is - it's a great thing to read!

You could have asked and I'd have sent it to you.
How's that? May I ask for a Geforce7800? :)
hehe, I don't even have one yet and many top developers are still waiting for it, so I think you will have to wait for a while :)
Glad you are liking AToF. :)
Raph, 'like' is a very mild description. I love it! Now I'm issuing a marketing campaign targetted at my wife - though she doesn't care about games, I'll try to convince her to read the book as well (she's a psychologist, and I think the book is good for them also) :)
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ReJ fondles the box with GF7800 next to him :)
ReJ: why a box with a GF7? Or you already have one inside your PC? ;)
Not my PC per se, but the testing machine next to me.
Probably I couldn't afford GF7 in the 'package box' :) It's a pity of course, but no GF7 will be brought back to LT, only PSP :)
don't know if you still in connection with kompiuterija, but together with review in that or any other magazine i could sell it reasonably cheaper :)
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