How to be creative

Another day I stumbled upon this: how to be creative. Overall it's good; although a bit too long and most of the content is quite common-sense. A good read anyway.

That reminds me: the other day I was thinking about a strange feeling in the town where I live (Kaunas, Lithuania). Basically, whenever I see a group (three or more) of young guys (20-25), most of the time they seem to be aggressive and angry. I don't get this feeling in the other towns/cities; I don't really know what's causing it. Maybe it's several bad experiences I had. Some of my friends have this feeling also, so it can't be just my problem.

I wonder why people are agressive at all. I mean, what's the point in insulting/pushing/beating a random walker-by? Is that the only way they can express or "feel" themselves - through invoking fear or pain on the others? Maybe; another day I read Jean-Paul Sartre's "The Childhood of the Leader" (L'enfance d'un chef) and maybe that's the case - when a person can't find "himself" he starts doing weird things.

Still, why there seems to be so many of them?

Maybe animal instincts lead to this.
i think there's many reasons - atmosphere at home, hormons at their age and, for sure, "they are affraid to be called sissys"
Hmmm... 'how to be creative' thing seems more 'hot to survive your creativity' thing to me...
you ask why, NeARAZ, but can you answer, why bio-organic stuff lives and iterates on this planet? this is some big accident, no more, no less. ;-)

animal instincts, hormons.. all this is consequences. not finding oneself is more about the reason. people aren't finding themselves as they are afraid. and so is because they believe things they are told, not the things they feel.

this is so-called common bug of archaic type of thinking. traditions, dogmas are put into the head of children just maybe because old people are afraid of changes. or maybe they want to stay immortal such way.

we're not going to model all the people right now, ok? :-]

> Regardless of the validity of a
> misanthropic worldview, those with
> strongly-held misanthropy often suffer
> from low self-esteem, depression, and even
> suicidal tendencies.
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misanthropy

I affirm this, as I feel in somewhat misanthropic way myself. low self-esteem is the reason. as for me, it happens because of very high demands to your surrounding and to yourself. the cause here is abnormally large ego. or even large super-ego. pathology in your mind?

go figure. ;-]
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