Improving UV mapping skills

Hey, UV mapping the second human-like figure took me much less time than the first one! This one took about 1 hour, again in Blender (and again, marking seam edges, LSCM that and just arranging resulting pieces rocks).

That said, making the low-poly mesh from the high-poly one took much longer than UV mapping; something like 4 hrs. A good artist would probably make a new mesh from scratch in shorter time, but hey, I'm not an artist :)

As far as I know, it's not uncommon (let's say standard practice for cur.gen. game assets) for artists to actually start with low-poly and then create high-poly 'on top' of it.
Yeah, I know that. Just that we're somewhat "short on artists", so the real artist makes high-poly model; and the low-poly one even the programmer like me can make.

It's just standard poly reduction techniques and then lots of vertex welding, edge turning etc. It's boring work, but I can do it :)
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