A demo that still fascinates me

Been thinking about how we should synchronize the visuals and the music in our demo... So I went and watched some of the classic demos, paying some extra attention at how they do it.

Synchronization aside, the demo that still touches me very deeply is Gerbera by Moppi. It's old (2001) and already starting to show it's age visually, but the whole mood, 'storyline' (whatever that is), the tiny writings and the music is fascinating.

Directions makes us unable to choose our paths. Wonderful.

what about ix from moppi? i think may be it doesn't have cutting edge gfx, but direction is even better than in Gerbera.
To me, IX looks like more technically advanced! Yes, it's a cool story, good direction etc., but in a 'crazy' sort of way, whereas Gerbera is more in 'emotional' sort of way.

Don't know if this makes sense, but oh well :)
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